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Country Lawyer 2.0 – Intro

Veteran small-town attorneys talk about their practices, their communities, their profession—and the ways they are changing.


Atticus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Rural Minnesota lawyers are facing a succession crisis. Can anything be done?
No one disputes that much of outstate Minnesota is running low on lawyers and, further, that the trend raises serious concerns about access to justice for rural residents both now and into the future.  By Mike Mosedale


Not Enough Work (and 7 other myths about rural law practice)

While small town business people may not be Wall Street dealmakers, the average farmer runs a $1 million-plus enterprise. What follows are a few more common misconceptions about the rural bar that should be put to rest. By Bruce Cameron

President's Page
Lawyer Health: Perilous Realities

Amongst all of the professions, we experience the highest rate of emotional difficulties, including depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Colleague Corner
Meet Lisa Chesley: 'It turns out that I love my job'

Lisa and her father opened Chesley Law Firm in 2017 and focus their practice on helping families through estate planning, guardianships and conservatorships, long term care planning, and estate administration. 

Professional Responsibility 
The justice gap is driving a legal ethics reform movement

Several states are exploring revisions to their ethics rules in response to the growing access to justice gap and general challenges in the legal profession.

Law & Technology
Too secure? Encryption and law enforcement

The U.S. government is reviving a push to force technology companies to undermine their own security by creating backdoors for the sake of easier law enforcement access. 


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