Minnesota State Bar Foundation


The Minnesota State Bar Foundation is a foundation of the Minnesota State Bar Association and exists for the express purpose of providing monetary grants to community and law-related programs and activities. Areas of emphasis include legal assistance to the disadvantaged, improvements in the administration of justice and law-related education.

The Minnesota State Bar Foundation's mission is to support access to justice to all Minnesotans. Our primary strategy is to provide financial support for:

     1.  Legal assistance to the disadvantaged;
     2.  Quality law-related education;
     3.  Enhancements to the administration of justice and to the vitality of the legal profession. 

Foundation Bylaws

The Minnesota State Bar Foundation recognizes that its existence and its ability to carry out its assigned mission are due to the cooperation and support that it receives from the Minnesota State Bar Association and its individual members, who are the primary source of all funds available to the Foundation. The Foundation therefore feels deeply obligated to pursue policies and make grants to such programs and causes as it believes would attract the special interest and support of the lawyers of the State of Minnesota.

Board Members:

Sally Silk - President
Landon Ascheman- Vice President
Brandon Schwartz- Secretary
Paul Quast - Treasurer

Angela Brandt
Greger Calhan
Kellen Fish
Melissa Krasnow
Michael Miller
Maya Missaghi
Tom Pack
James Rubenstein
Kelly Tautges

Erikka Ryan

Director of Equity, Inclusion and Foundations