Minnesota Title Standards Online

Developed by the Title Standards Committee of the Real Property Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

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The Title Standards Committee of the Real Property Law Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association has promulgated and continues to update and enhance Minnesota Title Standards, White Pages, and Guidelines for Legal Descriptions and Survey Matters, a comprehensive code of standards to guide attorneys examining real property titles and documenting real property transfers. This continually evolving publication is widely regarded as “the authority” for title examinations in Minnesota.

The Real Property Section historically has made this publication available in a three-ring binder, supplemented annually.  In recognition of their widespread acceptance and use, as well as the desirability of making these resources more readily accessible and searchable, both for the convenience of the user and those dedicated to keeping them current, the Real Property Law Section Council decided to publish the materials electronically.  Any updates to the Title Standards, the “White Pages” and the Guidelines for Legal Descriptions and Survey Matters approved after November 3, 2017 will only be available electronically.  A copy of the 2017 update was mailed to all Real Property Section Members in August 2018, no other paper copies are available.

Any difficulties experienced in accessing these resources online should be reported by sending an e-mail to feedback@mnbar.org.

Current MSBA Title Standards Online | Updated November 2021

Archived MSBA Title Standards, Curative Acts Table, White Pages & Legal Description Guidelines Online

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