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Litigating Harassment in the #MeToo Era

A lingering gap between the letter of the law and the mood of the culture is yielding strikingly disparate outcomes in sexual harassment cases. BY ANDREW MURPHY AND TERRAN CHAMBERS


Double Jeopardy

Understanding the civil legal implications of fleeing domestic abuse with children across state and national borders
Women who take their children and flee domestic abuse in another jurisdiction to return to Minnesota may face another set of (legal) problems once they arrive. Here’s how to best navigate them.  BY ALLISON MAXIM


Minnesota Adopts New Timing Rules

Understanding the new timing rules for Minnesota litigation practice that will take effect on January 1, 2020
Timing in Minnesota litigation practice is about to become more important—but probably more effortless as well. Come the new year, most of us will have to re-learn how to count days for Minnesota cases. BY HON. ERIC HYLDEN, MICHAEL B. JOHNSON, AND DAVID F. HERR


Trends in E-Scooter Litigation

An update on the still-evolving body of law
The past two summers have introduced residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul to one of the hottest trends in personal transportation: e-scooters. In the spring of 2018, e-scooters became an overnight sensation and completely disrupted the Twin Cities’ personal transportation marketplace. BY KYLE WILLEMS

President's Page by Tom Nelson
Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So, at a minimum, let’s be aware. Knowledge, after all, is said to be power. Let’s also beware of believing that awareness is enough. It’s not. We should support those who take action against this plague; and we should find avenues for action. Not just for a single month, but as part of our ongoing consciousness.

Professional Responsibility by Susan Humiston
Practicing law without liability insurance

I recently fielded a question from a trial court judge asking if it was ethical to engage in private practice in Minnesota without malpractice insurance. The answer: yes. The questioner was a bit incredulous at the answer—as I admit I was before taking this job. I always assumed that everyone in private practice carried malpractice insurance. Sure, government lawyers probably did not, and I could see where in-house counsel did not need insurance, but of course everyone else was required to carry insurance, right? Nope.

Law & Technology by Mark Lanterman
AI and its impact on law firm cybersecurity

The rise of artificial intelligence has a number of implications within the legal community. Apart from its impact on operational tasks and its potential for increasing efficiency, AI will likely feature as an element of in-house cybersecurity policies and practices.


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