Statewide Debt Litigation Project Seeks Member Feedback

Over the next twelve months, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid (MMLA) is partnering with the Minnesota State Bar Association, Minnesota courts, January Advisors Data Science Consulting, and the Pew Charitable Trusts to research debt litigation in Minnesota’s district courts and conciliation courts. Through analysis of court data and stakeholder input, our goal is to better understand how debt litigation policy and processes impact Minnesotans, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

If you have debt litigation as part of your practice, we encourage you to participate in this project by providing stakeholder input. You can volunteer to do so by completing the survey at https://bit.ly/3EOaFJi. Stakeholder input, particularly from our members, is highly valued to bring context to court data and to highlight the differences experienced across the state. For that reason, members from all parts of the state are highly encouraged to volunteer. For more info, please contact Access to Justice Director Katy Drahos (kdrahos@mnbars.org).