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Using Videos to Market Your Services

By Sherri Knuth

Short videos on the Internet play a valuable role in making potential clients aware of your practice and helping them move toward a decision to hire you.

Videos increase your rankings in internet searches because viewers spend more time on your website when they watch a video. In addition, you may be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the web! Having a video on YouTube means more potential clients will see what you offer.

Videos develop your brand and build trust in you as an attorney. Your website explains a lot about your practice areas and skills but with a video, a potential client “meets” and relates to you as a person. You have the opportunity to show the client how you stand apart from the crowd.

Once you’ve got that video, how can you use it to your benefit? At a minimum:

  • Upload your video on your website in a location that is quickly visible to the casual visitor.
  • Load it on YouTube. Carefully choose the title for your video because that affects how many people will click through to view it. Include your firm name and your intended market, such as the type of claims you handle and location. In the description box, provide a link to your website. And if you’re up for it, create a custom thumbnail
  • Upload a link to your video in your MN Find a Lawyer directory profile.
  • Promote your video on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If the potential clients you are trying to reach use Snapchat and Instagram, you should use them also. 

Additional options to consider:

  • Create an ad on Facebook for your video post. You can reach a large audience at a fraction of the cost of other media. You can set your own budget and monitor results.
  • Create ads on YouTube. You are charged when a viewer watches but as with Facebook, you can control the costs. 
  • Host your videos on additional directories, including Yelp and Yellow pages.

Next steps in video marketing

After that first video that introduces you and your practice, consider additional videos that educate, give more depth about your experience, or include client recommendations. For instance, you could include an educational video in an emailed client newsletter or a video with client recommendations on your website and YouTube.

Whatever approach you take, be sure to track your results. This could be as simple as tracking the number of viewers of your video on different Internet platforms. This kind of data will help you target the most effective channels for any future videos.

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