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  • Law Firm Websites — 5 Best Practices

    Your website is likely the foundation of business development, and new client lead generation, says author Matthew Horn. Here are 5 best practices for developing and managing a law firm website that is focused on lead generation.

  • Kosovo bar delegation visits MSBA

    With support from ABA ROLI and its Balkans Regional Rule of Law Network (BRRLN) initiative and the Open World Leadership Center, four lawyers from the Kosovo Bar Association (KBA) visited the Minnesota State Bar Association from May 10-14, 2016 to enhance the relationship between the two bars, which established a pilot mentorship initiative last summer to provide technical support to KBA.

  • Transition to the Bench

    Judge Richelle M. Wahi was appointed to the First Judicial District bench on February 26, 2016. Here she answers some questions from the MSBA about her experiences so far.

  • Transition to the Bench

    Judge Carmaine M. Sturino was appointed to the Third Judicial District bench on September 17, 2015. Here she answers some questions from the MSBA about her experiences so far.

  • Phishing schemes: Don’t get caught on the line

    by Mike Trittipo Once upon a time, some people using the Internet would warn others “Don’t open any e-mail message that says ‘X’” or “Don’t believe the offer that says it’s from company ‘A’ to get free product ‘B’” or “The airline ticket offer going around is bogus.” It was never good advice.

  • What is a Section-only Legislative Position?

    by Sherri Knuth MSBA sections and committees are encouraged to bring legislative proposals to the Legislative Committee for consideration as a position in the name of the MSBA, as described in my last article. For a variety of reasons, however, a section or committee may not meet the timeline for the Legislative Committee’s process. Sections and committees, therefore, are authorized to take positions on their own behalf. Such “section-only” positions remain valid only for the duration of the legislative biennium in which they were adopted.

  • From an Idea to Law: The MSBA Legislative Process

    by Sherri Knuth This week the 2016 Minnesota Legislative session gets underway. Legislators and visitors will navigate a Capitol filled with sawdust and machinery as a multi-year restoration project continues. As usual, the MSBA will be at the Capitol pursuing legislative changes. The changes the association seeks are the result of a process that begins with MSBA sections and committees.

  • Using Videos to Market Your Services

    By Sherri Knuth Short videos on the Internet play a valuable role in making potential clients aware of your practice and helping them move toward a decision to hire you.

  • The Big Trend in 2016: Adding Video to Your Website: Part 2

    by Terrie Wheeler You saw the statistics in Part 1 of Adding Video to Your Website: Adding videos to your website will engage your audience and make them interested in you, your message, and your business — meaning prospective clients will be more likely to contact you. Following are additional tips for creating your videos, as well as ideas on how to promote them.

  • The Big Trend in 2016: Adding Video to Your Website: Part 1

    by Terrie Wheeler As more and more lawyers are jumping into the web-based digital video movement, being the star of ones’ own video shoot can spark fear into the hearts of even the most fearless lawyers.

  • Transition to the Bench

    by Judge Michael K. Browne Judge Michael K. Browne was appointed to the fourth judicial district bench on September 4, 2015. Here he answers some questions from the MSBA about his experiences so far.

  • The MSBA's Northstar Lawyer Program

    by Steve Marchese A little over three years ago, then MSBA President Bob Enger announced the creation of the North Star Lawyers program to recognize those MSBA members who provide essential volunteer legal services to Minnesota’s low income residents. This program celebrates the work of members who meet or exceed 50 hours of pro bono service in a calendar year, as set forth in Rule 6.1(a), (b)(1) and (b)(2) of our state’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

  • First public event at Mitchell Hamline celebrates 40 years

    by Sherri Knuth The Office of Administrative Hearings celebrated its 40th Anniversary on January 20 with an afternoon of programming, the investiture of two judges, and a reception with remarks from Governor Mark Dayton. The reception was standing-room-only with more than 200 people attending.

  • Transition to the Bench

    By Judge Richard H. Kyle, Jr. The MSBA is asking new judges to answer a few questions about their experience on the bench. Here’s our first posting from former MSBA President Richard H. Kyle, Jr., who was appointed to the second judicial district bench on July 28, 2015.

  • Your Most Rewarding Experience: Connections

    By Sherri Knuth This week we wrap up our series on what attorneys have found to be their most rewarding legal experience with a focus on people and relationships.

  • My Most Rewarding Legal Experience

    By James Sherman Several years ago I represented a small, family owned tile company that was being sued by a union fringe benefit fund for failing to make contributions pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The client maintained that it never agreed to a CBA but was tricked into signing a single "acknowledgement" page for what the union business agent had represented was solely to allow the union to speak to employees.

  • Your Most Rewarding Experience: Gratitude from Clients

    By Sherri Knuth When my sons were growing up, we had a book of blessings at the dining room table, and before every dinner, someone would choose a blessing. The shortest blessing in the book was “Gratitude is heaven itself,” and my sons said it over and over because it allowed them to get to the food faster! But I never grew tired of it because that simple phrase says so much.

  • Musings on mentoring

    by Mike Unger We are all mentors. Whether we know it or not. I was reminded of this recently when asked to speak at the retirement party for attorney Mike Sieben of Hastings...

  • Law School Debt Crisis: The Student Reality

    By Thomas Hale-Kupiec In a first year course, one of my professors took a jab at baristas, stating that as students from a Top 20 Law School, we would never have to experience our law degrees being worthless as this was a “smart” investment. Looking to the University of Minnesota website, the employment statistics imply that this is the case too. The median starting salary for recent graduates in the private sector is advertised as $110,000. Most graduates in the private sector are making over six-figures? That would certainly justify the University of Minnesota charging $68,536 for the annual cost-of-attendance (including solely a tuition figure of $50,372) for the majority of the students, even when the state’s median household income over the same period is only $59,863.

  • Why I volunteer as a High School Mock Trial Attorney Coach

    by Mark Vandelist

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