mndocs FAQs


What is mndocs?

mndocs is the MSBA's premier automated document assembly program. mndocs is designed to run through the new HotDocs Market, an ecommerce platform offering expertly crafted templates published by the MSBA (and other vendors) and automated using proven HotDocs technology. The new cloud-based mndocs available through HotDocs Market enables you to access your forms from a wide range of devices and locations, including PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android devices. mndocs is constantly updated by the MSBA, and through HotDocs Market you have access to the most up-to-date version of each of the hundreds of forms available in mndocs.

What is document assembly or document automation?

Document automation or assembly refers to a system designed to use form templates and algorithms to generate completed forms that require little or no additional customization by the attorney. The user answers a few questions and the program takes the stored data to create any number of specific forms. The value of using a program like mndocs to generate your forms has been compared with going to a tax program like TurboTax from forms picked up at your local post office.

What is HotDocs Market?

HotDocs Market is a marketplace designed for legal professionals who are frustrated with the amount of time they have to dedicate to creating forms and contracts. HotDocs Market is a source to purchase expertly crafted templates from leading publishers and bar associations like the MSBA. More information about HotDocs Market can be found here.

What forms or practice areas are available in mndocs?

mndocs includes forms in several practice areas including probate, real property, criminal law, business law, and family law. The forms library is constantly being updated. For the current list of available forms and practice areas, visit the mndocs page in HotDocs Market.

When will new forms be added (and which ones) and how will I get them?

The MSBA relies on member volunteers to update and expand content in our form libraries. We have a number of libraries currently under review and development. For example, mndocs will be adding or updating over 100 family law forms in early April, and around June we expect to add or update another 100+ forms in areas including business law, adoption, and guardianship and conservatorship.
As a mndocs subscriber, you automatically get access to new forms during your subscription term. When you login to HotDocs Market and access mndocs, you always get the latest version of mndocs, including all updated and expanded content. There's no need to download any software updates or install any new form libraries with the new mndocs.
If you have suggestions for updates or new content, or would like to get involved in the process, please email us at 

I currently have a mndocs subscription. Do I have to set up a new account in the Market?

No, the MSBA is working with HotDocs to "bridge" existing mndocs subscribers to the new platform. All current mndocs subscribers will be able to use the new product under their existing subscriptions until May 31, 2015.

Why did the annual price increase with the move to HotDocs Market?

Unfortunately mndocs was not sustainable as a product at the former price point. While it may have been possible to offer it at that price, we could not provide regular updates, thus negating the value to members and failing to meet the quality implied by the MSBA brand.  The new mndocs offers much greater functionality to members and reduces the administrative burden allowing the Association to focus on updating and expanding content.

I am a MSBA member. How do I get the member price for mndocs on HotDocs Market?

Member pricing for mndocs is tied to your primary email (your login to If this is not the email address currently on your HotDocs Market account, you need to add it as an email alias. Once you log in to Market, go to "My Account" in the upper right, then choose "My Details" on the far right of the menu banner. On the page that comes up you will see a section on "Email Addresses" with a place to enter aliases. Enter your login email as an alias (the email you use to access practicelaw and Fastcase).
If you have problems adding an alias, or if you want to change your primary email/login to Market, contact HotDocs Customer Service at 844-536-4343 and/or

How do I get the member rate of $20 per month?

If you have a HotDocs Market account, simply add mndocs to your Cart with the monthly price button selected. If the member price does not show up during the checkout process, contact HotDocs Customer Service at 844-536-4343 and/or for assistance. (See also adding an email alias to your account.)
If you have not yet set up an account in HotDocs Market, click Register in the upper right. Member pricing is tied to your primary MSBA email (what you use to log in at, or to access Fastcase, practicelaw, register for CLEs, etc.). If you want to use another email address for your Market account, then you will need to add your primary MSBA email as an alias. If you have trouble creating an account, adding an alias, or don’t see the member price during checkout, contact HotDocs Customer Service at 844-536-4343 and/or

Can I use mndocs on my iPad?

Yes, the new mndocs is available on any device with a web browser, including iPads, iPhones, Macs, PCs, Windows phones, and Android devices.

What if I want to use the desktop version?

The desktop application is no longer supported. However, you may continue to use your current desktop installation until the earlier of the end of your subscription and the expiration of the forms set on June 30, 2015.

Can I use my answer files from the desktop version in the new mndocs in HotDocs Market?

Yes. When you select a form to work on in the new mndocs you are given an option to start a new session, use an existing session, or upload an answer file. The last option allows you to import your existing answer files into the new mndocs.

How different is the new mndocs? Is there any training available?

While offering much greater functionality and ease of access, the new mndocs does maintain some of the look and feel of the prior version, hopefully enough so that members should be able to make the switch with little or no disruption to their practice.  
The MSBA and HotDocs have set up a number of live demo webinars on the new mndocs. A recorded demo also will be available on-demand. More information can be found on

Where are my answer files saved with the new mndocs?

HotDocs Market automatically saves your sessions every 30 seconds. At the end of a session when your form is prepared by mndocs, you also have the option to save the answer file to your local computer or network. Whether or not you choose to save a local copy, your work is saved in HotDocs Market for you.
If you want to remove your work product from Market, you should first save a local copy as described above. After that you can view all of your sessions and delete those you no longer need or want, or any sessions you don't want stored in Market for you.

Can I share my files within my firm?

Yes. If you purchased multiple subscriptions, HotDocs Market is set up for you to be able to share content between them.  For more information on this process, visit HotDocs Market's support page or contact HotDocs Customer Service.
Note that HotDocs Market does not save your completed forms but rather your working sessions, from which you can of course regenerate the final documents. If it is your practice to save the finished documents, then you should continue to use your existing process for document storage and retention.

I received an email asking me to renew my subscription by going to but I get a 404 error when I do. How do I renew my subscription?

You can disregard that email. Renewals (and new subscriptions) are now processed through HotDocs Market. All current subscribers to the 'old' (desktop) version of mndocs were transferred to the new platform and those subscriptions run through May 31, 2015. A couple weeks prior to the expiration of your subscription term in Market, you will receive a notice from HotDocs letting you know it's time to renew.

Can I set up my mndocs subscription to auto-renew? And if so, how?

Yes. In your HotDocs Market account you can manage your subscriptions, including adding or changing billing information and enabling auto-renew for your subscription(s). For step-by-step instructions on this process, see this document from HotDocs.

What if I have issues with mndocs?

Technical issues with mndocs should be directed to HotDocs Customer Service at 844-536-4343 and/or
Questions, complaints, or suggestions relating to content can be directed to the MSBA at 612-333-1183 or