MNdocs FAQ


What is MNdocs?

MNdocs is the MSBA's premier automated document assembly program. MNdocs is designed to run through XpressDox Publisher, an online platform offering expertly crafted templates published by the MSBA (and other vendors) and automated using proven and secure XpressDox document automation technology. MNdocs enables you to access legal forms from a wide range of devices and locations, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones. MNdocs is constantly updated by the MSBA, giving you access to the most up-to-date version of each of the hundreds of forms available in MNdocs.

What is document assembly or document automation?

Document automation or assembly refers to a system designed to use form templates and algorithms to generate completed forms that require little or no additional customization by the attorney. The user answers a few questions, and the program takes the stored data to create any number of specific forms. Document automation allows attorneys to save time, thus saving money.

What is the difference between XpressDox and XpressDox Publisher?

XpressDox is document automation software used by legal and business professionals who are frustrated with the amount of time they have to dedicate to creating forms and contracts. XpressDox Publisher is an e-commerce platform for purchasing expertly crafted templates created using XpressDox software from leading publishers and bar associations like the MSBA.

What forms or practice areas are available in MNdocs?

MNdocs includes forms in several practice areas including probate, real property, business law, and family law. The forms library is constantly being updated. For the current list of available forms and practice areas, visit the MNdocs webpage.

When will new forms be added (and which ones) and how will I get them?

The MSBA relies on member volunteers to update and expand content in our form libraries. We have a number of libraries continually under review and development. As a MNdocs subscriber, you automatically get access to new forms during your subscription term. When you log in to XpressDox Publisher and access MNdocs, you always get the latest version of MNdocs, including all updated and expanded content. There's no need to download any software updates or install any new form libraries with MNdocs.

If you have suggestions for updates or new content, or would like to get involved in the process, please email us at

I currently have a mndocs subscription through the HotDocs Market. Do I have to set up a new account in XpressDox?

Yes, current subscribers to the HotDocs version of mndocs will have to set up a new account in XpressDox to access the new MNdocs. All current mndocs subscribers will be able to use the new MNdocs for free until their existing HotDocs subscriptions expire. The HotDocs version of mndocs will no longer be available after March 1, 2024. Please contact us at or 612-333-1183 with any questions.

Why did the annual price increase with the move to XpressDox Publisher?

The change in platforms provided an opportunity for the MSBA to provide a better resource with improved functionality and enhancements. These improvements come at a cost to the Association, but we believe the final product will save subscribers time and money.

What happened to the additional mndocs products (Business, Estate, Family, Probate & Estate, and Estate Planning Starter Kit)?

After evaluating the use of the various mndocs products within HotDocs, we realized that most subscribers preferred the full set of automated forms. With the shift to XpressDox Publisher, we’ve simplified the process of product selection by offering a single MNdocs document library, which includes all the automated forms with your subscription.

I am a MSBA member. How do I get the member price for MNdocs on XpressDox Publisher?

Member pricing for MNdocs is tied to your primary email (your login to Once you’ve logged in to XpressDox Publisher with your primary email address, you will be offered the member price for MNdocs automatically. If you’d like to use a different email address for your XpressDox account or if the price you see seems incorrect, contact MSBA at 612-333-1183 or for assistance.

How do I get the monthly member rate?

If you have not yet set up an account in XpressDox Publisher, click on the “Create a new account” tab and fill in the necessary information on the screen that appears. Member pricing is tied to your primary MSBA email (what you use to log in at, or to access Fastcase, practicelaw, register for CLEs, etc.), so use this email address to set up your account. There are both monthly and annual subscriptions to choose from, as well as pricing based on the number of users at your firm. Once you’ve selected the subscription and licensing options you’d like, visit your cart and enter your credit card information to complete the transaction. If you have trouble creating an account or don’t see the member price during checkout, contact MSBA at 612-333-1183 or

How do I change my MNdocs password?

Log in to MNdocs and click on the profile icon in the upper right, then choose “Profile” from the pop-up box. Change your password on the screen that appears. Click on the Change Password button to complete the change. If you need assistance, contact MSBA at 612-333-1183 or

Can I use MNdocs on my tablet or phone?

Yes, the new MNdocs is available on any device with a web browser, including iPads, iPhones, Macs, PCs, Windows phones, and Android devices. You can login here:

Can I use my answer files from the old HotDocs mndocs in the new XpressDox MNdocs?

No. Because the document templates were built from scratch in XpressDox, the answer files created within HotDocs will not work in the new MNdocs. However, any answer file you create and save within XpressDox can be reused for other templates within XpressDox.

How do I save the answer files from HotDocs for data retention purposes?

At the end of a session in the HotDocs version of mndocs, you have the option to save the answer file to your local computer or network. If you would like to maintain access to these files for data retention purposes, you are welcome to download and save them.

Before deleting files from HotDocs, make sure your local copies open properly. HotDocs answer files are saved in XML format, which can be read on internet browsers, a basic text editor (like Notepad), and Microsoft Excel.

Note: Once the HotDocs version of mndocs has ended, you will no longer have access to any files remaining in the platform.

How different is the new MNdocs? Is there any training available?

The new MNdocs is very different from the former version. The XpressDox Publisher user interface is streamlined, easier to use, and more intuitive. If you would like a personal walk-through of the platform, please reach out to our Law Practice Technology staff at XpressDox Publisher also offers an on-screen tour of tips for first-time users.

Where are my answer files saved with the new MNdocs?

XpressDox Publisher automatically saves your sessions every 60 seconds. If your internet connection is interrupted or you leave a session before having a chance to save it, when you return, you will be asked if you want to reload the information you had entered.

In addition, at the end of each template, when your form is assembled by MNdocs, you have the option to save the answer file to your local computer or to the cloud. If you save your answer file in the XpressDox cloud, you can find it by opening the Manage menu at the top of the MNdocs screen and selecting File Explorer. You may also download your answer file to your computer directly from File Explorer.

If you want to remove your answer files from XpressDox, you should first save a local copy as described above. After that, you can delete the files you no longer need from the File Explorer.

How do I change my firm information?

To edit your firm’s information, select the Home icon (next to blue arrow in image below). On the screen that appears, select “Edit Firm Information” (circled in blue in image below). Please note, only MNdocs firm administrators can do this for the entire firm.


Can I share my files within my firm?

Yes. If your firm purchased multiple subscriptions, XpressDox Publisher allows you to be able to share content between users. Answer files stored in the XpressDox cloud for all the law firm’s users can be found by selecting File Explorer from the Manage menu at the top of the screen. If you do not see the answer files of other users, unselect the box next to “Show only my files” at the top of the File Explorer screen.

Note that XpressDox does not save your completed forms but rather your answer files, from which you can regenerate the final documents. Completed forms may be downloaded to your computer as PDF or Word documents once they have been assembled. If it is your practice to save the finished documents, then you should continue to use your existing process for document storage and retention.

Can I set up my MNdocs subscription to auto-renew?

In your MNdocs account you can manage your subscriptions, including adding or changing billing information. Do to so, log into your account, click on Manage in the top navigation bar, and then click on Subscriptions. All subscriptions will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription. You will receive a notification by email one week before the date of renewal prompting you to make any necessary changes.

What if I have issues with MNdocs?

Questions, complaints, or suggestions relating to content can be directed to Mary Warner at or Jennifer Carter at

Mary Warner
Legal Technologist