Applications are closed for the current term.  Thank you.

GRANT CRITERIA plus (NEW) Focus of this Term's Grant Program:

The mission of the ADR Section is to advance and promote the field of conflict management and dispute resolution, and to improve the practice, elevate the standards, and educate practitioners, the bench, and the public regarding ADR in Minnesota. 

The focus of this year’s grant program is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), specifically, to support programming that connects to the Section’s DE&I goals of: Connecting with underrepresented groups from both visible and invisible diverse communities; creating welcoming environments to bring inclusion into practice; and embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into educational programming in the ADR field. 

Priority for funding will be given to organizations requesting funds that align with the Section’s DE&I goals. Please address how your proposal for funding is in concert with these goals in your application.

In pursuance of its mission, the ADR Section has set the following goals: 

  • Provide education to Section members through monthly lunch programs, the annual ADR Institute, and other programs that address topics of interest to ADR professionals and others interested in the field; 
  • Inform the public about the ADR credentials of Section members through the web directory; 
  • Educate other members of the bar and the public regarding the benefits of using ADR; 
  • Provide commentary and collaborate with other groups on legislation by monitoring proposed legislation and rules and assisting in development of  proposed uniform acts affecting ADR; 
  • Work with the ADR Review Board to ensure the enforcement of ethical standards; 
  • Encourage collaboration with other Sections of the state bar and other ADR organizations by establishing relationships with and inviting participation by other sections and organizations with our work; 
  • Promote the use of ADR in federal and state courts, administrative agencies and community dispute resolution organizations; 
  • Publicize and educate regarding key developments and opportunities in ADR.


The ADR Section recognizes that its existence and its ability to carry out its mission and goals follows from the cooperation and support it receives from Section members, who are the primary source of all funds available to the Section.  The Section therefore feels deeply obligated to pursue policies and make grants to such programs and causes as it believes will attract the special interest and support of ADR professionals in the State of Minnesota.

The ADR Section allocates up to $5,000 per year for grants to non-profit organizations for projects in furtherance of the Section’s goals.

Written grant applications must meet one or more of the following criteria:                       

  • Programs and projects relating to ADR education for the public including publications, workshops, and related programs.
  • Programs and projects directed to under-served populations. 
  • Programs and projects having as their purpose the improvement of the administration of justice through the use of alternative dispute resolution, including providing information to the public so that it might better understand the Courts and dispute resolution options. 
  • Programs and projects supporting or promoting public interest work related to the use of ADR including the work of community mediation organizations, staff, and volunteers. 
  • These criteria are flexible and are intended to be used as a guideline for the Executive Council in making grants.

The ADR Section will, in allocating its funds, attempt to maintain a proper balance between:

  • those new and innovative programs that may be of an experimental nature and that need assistance in the form of "seed money"; and 
  • those projects of special concern to ADR professionals that are of a continuing nature and need periodic contributions to their operating budgets.

The Section does NOT provide funds to be used for propaganda or lobbying activities.


Applications must be completed on the current MSBA ADR Section Grant Application form and comply with all of its requirements.

If the Applicant has received a previous MSBA ADR grant, the Applicant must have completed the Section’s required Grant Evaluation Report for the previous grant. 

At the end of the proposed program or project, and periodically for longer projects as requested by the Executive Council or Grant Committee, the Applicant must report on the organization’s progress towards its goals for the program or project.

The Applicant’s track record for achieving the results for which funds were previously granted by the Section, the MSBA, the Minnesota State Bar Foundation and other public and private sources, will be considered.