New Lawyers Spotlight: Ask-A-Lawyer

What's something new or innovative you did in your job last year?

Cresston Gackle; Cresston Law

"In my solo practice and also in my work for the Third District Public Defender, it’s easy to feel rushed by the demands of courts, counsel, and their schedules. I’ve found the pressure to process matters efficiently can prompt me to interrupt my clients during meetings to get to the point. Something new I’ve tried is staying silent several more seconds than I normally would. I’ve found those seconds can allow a client to have a moment to process their experience, consider whether they can safely share that experience, and then to share with me what their experience means to them. I’ve learned a great deal more from my clients, and been a much better advocate, because of a few extra seconds of silence." 

Molly B. Hough; Bassford Remele

"I attended the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit and took the law and policy track. This allowed me to build relationships with many successful entrepreneurs breaking into the cannabis industry. As a result, it has opened up many doors for speaking and presenting across the United States simply because I went to a more nontraditional lawyers conference. This is one example of how I try to think creatively about the ways in which I am building relationships with a targeted audience." 

Rayeed Ibtesam; Yost & Baill

"Something new I did last year was learn how to manage a team. In my last job, I worked as a legal editor. While I worked in teams, I was never the leader of the team. At my new job at Yost & Baill that I started last year, I get to lead & manage the firm’s automobile subrogation group that consists of four people. The new opportunity gave me a chance to understand what it means to lead a team. I was able to understand the unique needs of my team members and found ways to tailor our team goals according to the strengths of our members. It also taught me how to build team morale and work towards making everyone feel like a valued member of our group. The new experience has been deeply enriching for me. I have learned to be a better manager than I ever was before and am excited to continue to make the most out of this opportunity." 

Kyle R. Kroll; Winthrop & Weinstine

"In the past year, I had a couple opportunities to add visuals to briefings that drove home important points and helped the court understand something that is difficult to convey in writing. For example, in one case I incorporated a graphical timeline to concisely explain an important series of events and their relation to each other. In another case, I opened a brief with a specific picture of the product at issue to emphasize how the product is used. Adding professional visuals, where appropriate, to written advocacy can make a powerful and memorable impact." 

Roxanne Thorelli; Winthrop & Weinstine

"For the 2019 calendar year, my professional goal was to either present a CLE or publish an article in the securities or employee benefits realm. I have been encouraged to be involved and market myself within the ESOP Association of employee benefits professionals, which also provides opportunities for presentations. Therefore, my new achievement for the year was to register, prepare, and co-present a CLE regarding ESOP Re-Leveraging Transactions at the ESOP Association Conference on June 13, 2019. At the session, we discussed re-leveraging as a sustainability strategy for ESOP companies, the pros and cons of re-leveraging, other potential alternatives, and the fiduciary issues and mechanics involved in re-leveraging transactions. The CLE presentation helped me develop credibility and confidence, and I am happy I was able to accomplish my professional goal for the year."
Managing Editor
Elsa Cournoyer

Executive Editor

Joseph Satter