Signature Events

HCBA Events & Socials -- bringing the local legal community together.

Social connection with other lawyers, the 4th District bench, and others in the local legal community is good for your practice, your career, and your well-being.

"Local" matters when it comes to social connection. Because the HCBA is a locally-based bar association, the people you talk with at an HCBA social or event are in your same workplace neighborhood, your home neighborhood, or both.

The HCBA is an interwoven community that ties your profession to the people and places that make this place your home. By participating in HCBA socials and events, you help keep this community strong. Not only do events provide an opportunity for you to reconnect with colleagues and classmates -- and to meet new people, too -- several of these events also raise funds for:

The Hennepin County Bar Foundation (HCBF), which gives more than $100,000 in grants each year to local nonprofits that promote access to justice for the people of Hennepin County; and the Volunteer Lawyers Network (VLN), the HCBA's pro bono arm, which provides regular, meaningful opportunities to make good on your professional oath to devote a portion of your time to pro bono assistance.

Make sure you don't miss out -- mark your calendar now for upcoming HCBA events.

View the HCBA Calendar for details.

Look out for these events on the HCBA calendar:

All-Membership Socials (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
Annual Meeting (May or June)
Bar Benefit (March)
Bar Memorial (Spring)
Charity Golf Classic (September)
HCBA Club activities (throughout the year)
Judges Social (October)
New Lawyers Section socials (throughout the year) 
Substantive Law Section socials (throughout the year) 

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) the HCBA way.

More value-added. More local. More conversational. More connected.

  • Over 80 CLEs each year put on by HCBA Sections and Committees are FREE for HCBA members to attend in our offices.
  • As a regionally-based bar, we're focused on the local perspective on law-related issues and on the 4th District courts.
  • The knowledge and perspectives of attendees are valued and actively sought out.
  • Taking CLEs from the HCBA allows you to grow your knowledge at the same time that you grow your connections to the local legal community.

We aim to make every HCBA CLE experience a great one. In our view, great CLEs are those where the quality of information provided is excellent, attendees are engaged participants, and connections happen before, during and after the program.

Section and Committee CLEs

HCBA members can attend any 1-hour CLE program put on by the volunteer leaders of HCBA sections or committees at no cost beyond the annual cost of membership dues. These programs primarily relate to the specific topic of focus of a particular HCBA section or committee.

In-Depth, Multi-Hour CLEs

These CLEs focus on hot topics and trends of broad interest to attorneys, as well as skill development and programs that connect HCBA attorneys to other local professionals. 

Law & Literature CLEs

This popular, well-regarded HCBA series offers a discussion-based approach to earning your ethics and elimination of bias credits. Participants read short stories, plays and other short works of literature in advance of the session, and discuss them in the context of the particular roles and responsibilities of attorneys.

Leaders in the Nonprofit Community (LINC) program / CLE series

Many attorneys are called to serve nonprofit organizations as volunteer leaders . The LINC program is focused on the knowledge and skills needed, and the unique challenges lawyers face, in nonprofit governance. LINC is setup as a multi-session cohort program, where participants achieve the designation of LINC Program Graduate.

Law Firm Leadership CLE series

Mergers, reorganizations, succession planning, attracting and keeping talent, evolving your firm's culture, crafting a vision and leading in times of change. These are just some of the topics covered in our Law Firm Leadership Program, offered every other calender year. Designed by lawyers for lawyers, this innovative multi-session CLE series can help you achieve the next leadership level in your legal career and prepare you to lead now and in the years ahead. Designed for attorneys at any size firm. 


For the times when your best option is to view CLE programs online, the HCBA provides a number of our own CLEs via webcast. Programs take place at a set time, and are available to watch via your online. View HCBA Calendar to see upcoming Webcasts.

OnDemand Programs

Choose from a number of CLE seminars available to watch anytime that's convenient for your schedule.

View upcoming CLE programs.

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