New Lawyers Spotlight: What are your best or worst habits?

amy-burroughs-150Amy Burroughs
Mack & Santana Law Offices

My worst habit is being on my phone while I am trying to fall asleep. Every month I make it my goal to put it across the room when I go to bed, but it has a mind of its own. 

My best habit is I take the time before I leave work or on my commute home to make a list of tasks I need to accomplish the next day. I review the list the next morning on my way to work. This helps me not think about work when I am at home.

Deena-Duffy-150Deena M. Duffy

I feel my best habit, and the one that has served me the most, is that I habitually reach for my phone whenever there is even an inclination that something should go on the calendar. Our shared online family calendar is detailed to a fault. The minute we are even considering attending an event I add a color-coded place holder in the calendar, often followed by a reminder for a few days or weeks prior to the event to confirm we’re still attending. Even menial tasks and reminders, such as a notifications to myself or my husband to return a purchase later in the day or remembering to bring something to work the next morning, is placed on the calendar.

As a new Minnesota resident about to experience my second full winter here in the “Frigid North,” I have found that during the winter I have a bad habit of coming home from work and immediately huddling under a big warm blanket. To many this may seem ideal, but last winter I found that this routine, though comfortable and easy to fall into, meant that I missed out on much of the fun and beauty this state has to offer. This year, I’m looking forward to ice skating, snowmobiling, attending a few winter carnivals, and just generally spending more time outdoors. 

wendy-carlson-150Wendy Carlson
Juris Doctor Candidate, Mitchell Hamline School of Law

My best work habit is keeping a very detailed planner and daily checklist. In order to avoid the feeling that I’ve missed something, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing everything down right away. I also have a good habit of saying “no” when I don’t have the capacity to take on something new. This is a habit I developed during my first year of law school as I quickly learned that I could not agree to everything. In my personal life, my best habits consist of drinking lots of water, remembering to water my plants, and always turning off the lights when I leave a room. My worst habits are cracking my knuckles, procrastinating, and leaving the kitchen cupboards open. 

jooseph-richie-150Joseph R. Richie
Anthony Ostlund Baer & Louwagie 

When I was fresh out of law school, a partner at my firm told me never to start writing a brief until I had an outline with every point heading written out, and then to set deadlines for each section, leaving plenty of time for revisions before filing. One of my worst habits is occasionally thinking I can ignore that advice.


seth-zawila-150Seth Zawila
Robins Kaplan

Best Habit: Getting into work early when my schedule is clear. 

Worst Habit: Never bringing my umbrella when it actually rains.