Getting involved in the bar association while still in law school is one of the best decisions you can make. Connecting with local lawyers can have a big impact as you start out in your career in the law. Minnesota law students receive free membership in the HCBA.



Practice area sections provide the connections you're looking for. Network with attorneys in the areas of law that you are interested in, and stay current on the latest legal issues.


Law student members can attend most Continuing Legal Education seminars at the HCBA office for no cost. Learn first-hand from local attorneys and explore different areas of law.


Connect with judges, new lawyers, and attorneys from the areas of practice that you are interested in, and others in the legal community at social events.


Read insightful articles on the practice of law, profiles of attorneys and judges, spotlights on members, and association activities.

Leadership & Service Opportunities

Gain experience with our committees and participation in bar projects. These include diversity initiatives and programs focused on serving the local community.

Ready to become an HCBA Law Student Member?

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