Kelsey McElveen & Tucker Chambers

The Associates’ Campaign is a team of over 50 volunteers representing associates at most of the law firms in Hennepin County. Together this group hopes to raise at least $110,000 for Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid in the coming months. That’s enough to fund two new housing attorneys, giving 600 families the legal help they need to face eviction and other housing crises. This profile, authored by law student volunteer Jasmin Hernandez Du Bois, features campaign co-chairs Kelsey McElveen and Tucker Chambers. 
minneapolis-lawyer-kelsey-mcelveen Kelsey McElveen is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law (‘14) and an Associate Attorney at Robins Kaplan LLP.  Prior to becoming an IP trial attorney, Kelsey was an adjunct professor and student director for the civil practice clinic at Minnesota Law.  Kelsey, as both a campaign co-chair and donor, feels “energized” to see her colleagues have both a sense of camaraderie and competition for a good cause.  When asked why donating to Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid was important to her, she emphasized that donating left her feeling inspired.  “To see attorneys uniting for a good cause, and to see attorneys doing such important work, it’s inspiring,” Kelsey said.
Tucker Chambers Tucker Chambers is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School (‘14) and an Associate Attorney at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, where he specializes in Trademarks & Brand Management law.  Tucker previously clerked for the Minnesota Supreme Court.  He has been involved with legal aid for six years, investing more time as he learns more about their good work.  As an attorney in trademark and brand management law, Tucker often deals with large corporations and business clients.  “I feel incredibly lucky to be where I’m at, doing the work I do” Tucker said, “but my work doesn’t have a direct impact on people in crisis.”  Donating to the campaign has left Tucker with a deep sense of personal engagement in the community.  “To see the work that’s being done and to be a part of that, it’s fulfilling,” Tucker said.  He looked to last year's success for motivation for this year's campaign.  “We broke records last year, because of the pandemic, people were super energized.”  However, Tucker noted that the pandemic isn’t over yet.  “The eviction off-ramp is a continuing crisis that needs to be addressed with the funds we raise.”