Attorney at a mid-size to large-size firm

15% of members are working in mid-sized to large firms (20+ attorneys)

Bar associations are essential partners with attorneys across all practice and employment settings, supporting practitioners with legal tools, resources, and connections to help them work better and smarter.


My colleagues around the world turn to me for advice on litigating in Minnesota, which has a lot of high-profile litigation as a result of our robust business community.  MSBA events and resources help me connect to both the bench and the bar, so I can provide my colleagues and our clients with the valuable local perspective they need. 

– Thomas Pack

MSBA can help you.

  • Enhance your professional reputation and personal brand
  • Hone practice skills and business savvy
  • Develop legal knowledge and expertise
  • Increase access to justice and community outreach
  • Build leadership experience
  • Attract new business and clients
  • Stay up to date on the latest legal news
  • Support and shape the legal profession
  • Mentor and support other attorneys
  • Connect with other lawyers
  • Increase productivity and save time