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Access to Justice Made Easy (Well, Easier)

The newly revamped LawHelpMN can’t singlehandedly solve the justice gap—but it gives Minnesota lawyers a great way to refer people they couldn’t otherwise assist to the legal help they need.  BY BRIDGET GERNANDER


End Times, Legal Citations Edition

The “cleaned up” parenthetical and its rascally scourge
And what is this plague? It is the “cleaned up” parenthetical—a contemporary invention ex diabolus, an agent of confusion, a damned quixotic catastrophe noxiously heaped upon the American bar by the phantom exigencies claimed by Generation Infinite Scroll—to put all of it very, very mildly.  BY ADAM T. JOHNSON


Navigating the Benefits, Risks, and Limitations of Entity Depositions

A best-practices primer
Your opponent in this suit is a corporation. You don’t know the names of some of the corporate employees who may have the important facts and you can’t tell who made the critical decisions. Do you waste your limited number of depositions and your time by noticing depositions of all the likely corporate employees. BY TOM TINKHAM AND BEN D. KAPPELMAN

President's Page
Service: Opportunity & Obligation

When we were admitted to the bar, we were given the key to our profession; it came not only with opportunity, but also with obligation. We have a cultural contract requiring service and citizenship.

Colleague Corner
Meet Theresa Paulson: 'The purpose of the bar is to bring together attorneys'

I wanted to help people who have been wronged find justice in the courtroom. When I applied to law school, I was working as a 911 dispatcher and serving the community at the start of the legal problem. I wanted to work toward the end goal and see the resolution.

New Lawyers
Crossing the border: Tips for attorneys

Do you use your smartphone for work purposes? Have you ever taken your smartphone or work laptop on vacation? Was that vacation in another country?  BY CANDACE M. GROTH

Professional Responsibility 
On civility and ethics

While there are certainly several ethics rules in Minnesota that may be implicated by uncivil conduct (which I will discuss shortly), the persistent nature of this issue has prompted some states to do more with their ethics rules.

Law & Technology
Security, convenience, and medical devices

As the Internet of Things continues to expand into every area of our lives, so too do our concerns about its secure use.


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