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What is a Section-only Legislative Position?

by Sherri Knuth

MSBA sections and committees are encouraged to bring legislative proposals to the Legislative Committee for consideration as a position in the name of the MSBA, as described in my last article. For a variety of reasons, however, a section or committee may not meet the timeline for the Legislative Committee’s process. Sections and committees, therefore, are authorized to take positions on their own behalf. Such “section-only” positions remain valid only for the duration of the legislative biennium in which they were adopted.

Article 12.2 of the MSBA bylaws describes the requirements for taking a section-only position. These requirements are also included in the Legislative Proposal Form on the MSBA website. The form should be used when presenting a section-only position to the MSBA.

After submitting a proposal to the MSBA, a section or committee cannot immediately advance its position. Rather, a section or committee must wait three business days in order to give the MSBA president time to review the proposal.

The president may let the proposal move forward as a section-only position or may preempt the proposal. If preempted, the president’s decision must go before the Council for a vote at its next scheduled meeting, and the Council may reverse or amend the president’s decision by a majority vote.

Several section-only positions are active for the 2015-16 legislative biennium. The sections that have active section-only positions are Business law, Bankruptcy (on a federal issue), Family Law and Tax Law. The MSBA’s lobbying team often assists the sections on these positions as well as working on MSBA positions.

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