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Your Most Rewarding Experience: Connections

By Sherri Knuth

This week we wrap up our series on what attorneys have found to be their most rewarding legal experience with a focus on people and relationships.

Seeing actual healing take place during a divorce. “My client was the primary wage earner and was re-partnering with the man with whom she had an affair. The couple had two young children, and the tension was brittle. Our collaborative practice team helped them with parenting issues, devised a financial plan that paid off significant debt, allowed husband to launch his own business and allowed husband to refinance the house to bring down the monthly cost. They hugged each other at the end, and their children are doing wonderfully. There were numerous times when the conflict spiked, but the collaborative team helped them work through the conflict and find solutions that aligned with their values and goals.”

Getting testimony from a reluctant witness who saved the day: “My most rewarding experience was exonerating a day-care provider who was falsely accused of injuring a 9-month old child in her custody. A very brave doctor who had operated on the child's subdural hematoma came forward…. We convinced the doctor to come forward despite his clinic's urging to ‘not get involved.’"

For some attorneys, the connections they form with clients and attorneys are the most rewarding aspects of their practice:

“What has been most rewarding to me is all the people I have met, all I have learned about their work, and all the really satisfying and fulfilling relationships I have made over the past 32 years. The people from all walks of life, each with a different life's experience.” (Larry Rocheford)

“Mentoring younger attorneys to give back to the community and contribute pro bono services to those who cannot afford legal counsel.”

“Going back and forth with the generously-minded of the Bar about questions I can't raise with a colleague, since I'm a solo, is the most rewarding experience in my practice. I'm sure there are others, but to give praise where it is due in my case, Bob Beutel, Bryan Jamison, Julian Zweber, and Dave Porter have all helped with guidance in their areas of specialty. I aspire to be like them, ‘when I grow up’ in the law.”

So there you have it.

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