Meet HCBA Member. . . Andrew Deutsch

by Nick Hansen | Nov 13, 2017
Andrew Deutsch has a hard time explaining his job to his eight-year-old and six-year-old sons. “I say that I help people with their problems,” he said. While that is at the heart of Deutsch’s job responsibilities, it doesn’t quite cover everything he does as senior counsel at OneBeacon Insurance Group.

Deutsch, the vice-chair of the HCBA Corporate Counsel Section, has found his niche as an in-house counsel after spending six years litigating at a law firm. “It was sort of a perfect circumstance to make that transition out of litigation, out of private practice, but still be able to do something that's related to insurance,” he said.

As an in-house counsel, he helps OneBeacon draft insurance policies. Specifically, he works with technology-related businesses and he helps adjust their policies as new products come to market.

Working with internal clients has been a refreshing change of pace for Deutsch.  “They run into issues where they have questions about what to do with a particular insurance coverage issue, or how to handle something that came up on an account that they are underwriting,” he said. “Being able to work with them to come up with a solution is what I find fun.”

Even though he admits he got into Corporate Counsel section leadership “by accident,” he’s helped revive the group after it was dormant for a number of years. He appreciates the different people he’s met through the section. “It's a nice mix. You get to know lawyers who work in the area, but are in private practice and also other lawyers locally that are in-house,” he said. Deutsch also noted that many other in-house counsel associations tend to be national in scope, so they do not address local issues as much.

Deutsch doesn’t just make helping others part of his job, he’s made it an integral part of being a lawyer.  He has helped plan CLEs for the section, and he recently helped introduce law students to the HCBA as part of the University of Minnesota Law School “Meet the Bar Day” events.

 “One of the ways that I get enjoyment out of being a lawyer is by being able to help other people,  if it’s through networking, mentoring,  social outings, or putting on CLEs. I get a lot of enjoyment out of that and I think it's something we all can do as lawyers to benefit our fellow lawyers,” he said.