Alternative Legal Models Task Force


The Task Force's charge is to examine the advisability of supplementing traditional lawyer representation through the creation of a new type of limited-scope certified legal assistance provider to increase access to justice for those who cannot afford a lawyer.  One possibility the task force will examine involves certifying Limited Legal License Technicians (LLLT) who would possess authority to provide limited legal services in particular practice areas, as the state of Washington did recently.  The Task Force will develop a recommendation to the Assembly regarding viable options to increase access to justice, including possible certification of limited license legal technicians, along with necessary safeguards to assure quality of service.

Final Report and Recommendations of the Alternative Legal Models Task Force (2017)

Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at the MSBA Office.  Remote participation by teleconference is available.


Ken White
Susan Wiens

Task Force Members

Staff Liaisons
Nancy Mischel 
(612) 278-6331

Steve Marchese
(612) 278-6308