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Don't lay an egg with your profile

by Joe Kaczrowski | Sep 28, 2015

The specific number may change from article to article, but the ultimate conclusion is always the same: profiles with photos get more results than those without. The MSBA recently rolled out an update to its MN Find a Lawyer and Colleague Directory products to help members take advantage of this fact. 

Among other changes, including a new Google Map module and the ability to add a firm logo, the MSBA Directories now include thumbnails of your profile photo (or firm logo) in search results. As with all other information on your profile, you control what shows up and where. Through the Privacy tab on your profile, you can control what shows up in the public MN Find a Lawyer directory and/or the members-only Colleague Directory. But, as with the stats on the inclusion of a profile photo, the more information you include and share the more frequently your profile will appear in search results; the MSBA Directories were built to be very flexible, and potential clients can search by a number of different criteria.

Many lawyers aren't big fans of numbers and statistics, but here are some figures that may be of interest:

  • Since its launch in January of this year, there have been almost 80,000 searches on MN Find a Lawyer
  • Over 1,300 MSBA members have taken advantage of this free member benefit and valuable marketing tool
  • Four out of five people seeking legal assistance search for help online
  • And of those searching online, two out of five used legal directories like MN Find a Lawyer
  • 14% of people searching for help use resources from associations like the MSBA
  • Over 70% of people think finding a local attorney is important (MN Find a Lawyer offers geographic and radius searching)
  • Almost 450 MSBA members have indicated a willingness to briefly consult with fellow members on a number of topics and practice areas
  • Over 400 student members are listed in the Colleague Directory

Law students can join the MSBA, the District Bar Associations, and most Sections for free this year. Know a law student who's not a member? Let them know about the benefits of membership and that they can currently join for free.

For those of you who are Certified through the MSBA's Certification program, here's another stat for you: two out of three people surveyed felt certification was an important factor in choosing an attorney. To help you stand out, and to better serve the public, the MN Find a Lawyer directory now includes Certification badges identifying those who have  been recognized as having an enhanced level of skill and expertise, as well as substantial involvement in an established legal specialty.

And, for good measure (and those who don't particularly like numbers), here are a few other MSBA Directory facts:

  • The most frequently searched Practice Area is Family Law
  • The second most frequent search is for Minnesota-licensed attorneys
  • Rounding out the top three is Criminal Law attorneys (followed by Real Estate, Labor and Employment, and Business)
  • The MSBA Colleague Directory offers a number of ways to connect and collaborate with other members, including co-counsel opportunities (whether as part of your regular practice or for pro bono work), to find contract help, or to get advice from fellow members. 

Don't have a professional headshot (or looking to update your profile photo)? Check out the MSBA's Headshot Day page for upcoming events where members (and law students) can get free professional headshots.

Have questions about the Directories or suggestions for improvements/additions? Send us an email.