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Did you know there is more to practicelaw than just forms?  practicelaw is designed to be a repository of resources intended to help your practice.  Similarly, the MSBA’s practiceblawg is a blog for the Association to share with you how the MSBA can help you improve your efficiency and grow your practice.  The MSBA offers members a number of products and services and is always looking for ways to better serve its members and provide greater value.

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  • Social Media and Protecting Your Online Presence

    by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 23, 2015
    Social media offers lawyers another way to reach potential clients and build up their professional network. Whether you're considering Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or something else, there are a number of resources out there to help lawyers get up to speed, both on the technologies and the various professional responsibility obligations implicated through their use.
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  • Keep Current with the Latest Court Decisions

    by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 20, 2015
    Almost three thousand members receive same-day alerts from the MSBA for newly issued court opinions from Minnesota courts every day. The MSBA currently alerts members to new court decisions through four email lists. Members can subscribe to receive 1) state civil opinions; 2) state criminal opinions; 3) federal civil opinions; 4) or federal criminal opinions; or any combination of the lists that fits with his or her practice.
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  • Free CLE Resources

    by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 17, 2015
    Maybe it's been two and a half years and it's that time again, or maybe you're just striking out on your own, whatever the reason it's good to know there are a number of free continuing education resources out there.
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  • 82% of firms use temp/contract lawyers

    by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 13, 2015
    Special Counsel recently conducted a survey that found many attorneys, whether by choice or out of necessity, have "nontraditional" legal careers. SC also notes that 82% of law firms and corporate legal departments use temporary or contract attorneys, and when surveyed 42% of hiring managers expected to hire temp/contract help in 2014, up 75% from the prior year.
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  • mndocs is moving to the cloud!

    by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 09, 2015
    The MSBA has been working to migrate mndocs from its Windows PC application to the new cloud-based HotDocs Market. After the move, mndocs will run on any device anywhere, including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Members will be able to purchase mndocs subscriptions by going to
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  • ABA: Self-Help Center Census

    by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 06, 2015
    A recent survey by the ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services identified another under-served segment of the population. Many people are aware of the access to justice issue posed by too many people who can't afford legal representation, but there is another group: people who can afford legal representation but do not know how to find an attorney; according to the ABA, “there's also a sizable segment who can afford to pay for legal services, and lawyers would benefit from efforts to figure out how to create an effective pipeline between the two groups”
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  • and Colleague Program revamped

    by Joe Kaczrowski | Mar 02, 2015
    In case you haven’t heard, this past January we launched two new online directories exclusively for members, one to facilitate member-to-member communication (MSBA Colleague Directory) and the other to help members grow their business (MN Find a Lawyer). You can get more information and update your profile at
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